VIP - Cynthia Pepper
Actress and Elvis Eyewitness Cynthia Pepper is often asked to share what it was like with Elvis in the Movie 'Kissin' Cousins'. It was, she said, overwhelming and strange at the same time. Because she had a Lull before this film, which can happen in Show Business. She explains how the Film Arrangement came about: "I was shopping, and I was just kind of depressed and I was like, 'Oh, will I ever work again'. You know, Actors always think that. Will I ever work again? And I said a Prayer, 'If you want me to stay in this Business, give me a Sign to God'. I really did. And I came home. We had a Lady who cleaned for us once a Week and she said to call my Agent as soon as I got home. So that's what I did. And he said, 'If you come out here in half an Hour and so on, you have a Role with Elvis'. That's how it started." "And I'm really amazed. I didn't think at the time that I would be invited again and again and would talk to anyone about my time with Elvis. And - that's how it is in my Life today. And everyone who has worked with him thinks the same way I do. I've never heard a bad word about him." Excited and full of Excitement, we await Cynthia Pepper at our Elvis Tribute Weekend in 2023 and are curious what she can tell us all about Elvis and her time with him...